Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge Part 3: Fire Grubs


Just a quick update this morning with some painted Fire Grubs!

Fire Grubs

Fire Grubs are large, unpleasant larvae that can be found throughout the more arid regions of Aeroth. Slow moving but ravenous, they can spit balls of flammable bile considerable distances. 

These very properties make them sought after by the Alchemist Guilds as their rather combustible nature can provide all manner of useful Magitech ingredients for everything from potions to fuel for Dwarven constructs. As they are rather aggressive beasts, collecting these ingredients can prove rather deadly.

Whilst not featured in Endless: Fantasy Tactics, I wanted to sculpt up some quick and easy monsters for my collection and settled on some rather chunky grubs. I have plans on sculpting several bases of smaller grublets as well as one or two warriors and a queen to menace my Boar Company and assorted other adventuring types.


I can see them getting quite a lot of use in song of Blades with D6 of the gribblies turning up to pester both warbands!

I'll be adding another update this weekend of my adventurers who are hopefully going to be painted by then too but in the meantime, All the best!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge Part 2


Huzzah! I've found the camera's battery charger so have managed to get a pic or two of my Endless: Fantasy Tactics challenge progress!

I had thought of just using the stuff I have already but wanted to create a new warband to populate my setting with so settled on Sir Roderick and his retinue.

 Sir Roderick, Knight of the Eternal Light

Sir Roderick is a rather elderly member of the Knights of the Eternal Light, an order of templars who seek to bring order to the chaotic and lawless lands of Aeroth and for the purpose of my Endless challenge, he makes quite a handy leader!

Next up, there's the figures themselves which are patiently awaiting a coat of paint:

 L to R: Pugilist, Knight, Squire and Gunsmith

I also have a small board for them to fight dastardly villains over:

Gaming Board

Made from cork tile, sculpey and a few odds and ends, it's a tad smaller than a board for the game should be but it will give me enough to get started with! 

Looking at it, the grass patches maybe need some more work and I think I will add some small details here and there to bring it to life a bit...

I also have a new NPC in the form of Svette Flintsdottir, a Technomancer who will be leading a group of her mechanical creations into the border regions in search of rare materials:

Svette Flintsdottir

I also needed some low level menaces to the party so sculpted up some grubs as they were nice and quick to make. I'll be making some more of various sizes in the next week or two to add some variety and to give me another force for larger scale skirmishes somewhere on the border!


Last off, here's a sneak peek of a Wargolem which will be forming the centrepiece of Svette's Technomancer force:


Hopefully my next post will have some painted miniatures as well as the finished board so watch this space!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Leviathan Ponderings


Well it's been an eventful couple of weeks here as my Endless: Fantasy Tactics project has almost completed the building stage and I just need to paint and photograph the sculpts I've done before getting some games in. Handily I've mislaid the charger for our camera so it may be a few days before I track it down!

In other news, I've been having a bit of a ponder about what to do with Leviathan. My original plan was to go for 15mm scale for the mass battle as it's a good combination of detail and size but lately I've found myself perusing some smaller options.

Firstly, I have actually got a small force of Horned Folk in 6mm:

Horned Folk Warband

Horned Folk Taurian Heavy Infantry

Beastkin Infantry

Rhinox Wartower


Child of Leviathan

Two Wartowers

Made from a mixture of old Epic plastics and some Four A Miniatures monsters as well as a couple of heavily converted Irregular Miniatures rhinos, they look pretty good but do they have the sheer mass that I am looking for?

Maybe I should have based them on a 30x30mm square base with more mounted per base to give an impression of mass but I quite like the look of them and really need to flesh them out with some more bits and bobs. If import duties weren't so ridiculous, I'd consider getting some Microworld Beastmen but the expense is putting me off. The only other real option is Irregular and their strip style of figure in 6mm is a total pain to rebase...

I am thinking of moving the scale down again to the utterly teeny 2mm! Having looked at some of the armies folks have put together in the scale, I find myself rather tempted as it would really give a sense of an epic battle when viewed.

The problem is that at that sort of epic scale, I think I'd need to rework the rules to fit the sweeping nature of the game. With that in mind, I've been perusing Land Ironclads by Wessex games for some ideas and may try playtesting a small battle in the coming weeks using those rules to see how they work.

Needless to say, I'll be keeping myself busy for the coming months!

All the best!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge Part 1


As I've already mentioned over on Tales From Farpoint, I have decided to run a bit of a challenge for myself to make a small gaming board and two warbands for On The Lamb Games' Endless: Fantasy Tactics.

The game itself is a board/wargame hybrid that is very heavily influenced by the type of isometric 3d RPG games that SNES players will fondly remember and having given the rules a quick once over, I really want to give them a bit of a try.

What I don't have is any of the miniatures that have been produced for it. My problem with them is that I just didn't like the scale. 35mm is too big! Therefore I am going to try and sculpt my own figures in a rather more stylised fashion and try to put together a small board to play some games on.

I'll be taking the action out of the Endless setting and into Aeroth as I'm interested to see how well it works as a skirmish/RPG lite sort of game so the figures will need to fit in with my collection and the board will be decidedly desert themed too!

The challenging part is going to be getting it all done in the month that I've allowed myself!

I plan on posting one entry a week here to show progress and hopefully I'll be able to actually play a game in October!

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Game Developers Diary Part 1


I thought I'd start a bit of a log as I explore my attempts of turning the Leviathan rules into a fully playable system for the sort of setting that Aeroth is developing into.

Last year I did some serious playtesting of the rules as they were and found that Leviathan had the makings of a really good game but it had several issues which needed some serious work.

The main problem I had with it was that it really needed more playtesting before it was released as there are several concepts which were not explained (I'm talking about you Tail Spikes!) and similarly, it felt like it couldn't make up it's mind what sort of game it was. Scale wise, it better suited skirmish gaming but the whole flavour of the rules are geared to mass battle.

Orc Concepts

Over the last couple of months, between moving house and work, I've spent a fair amount of time looking at my idea of what Aeroth should look like and have settled on something more like Warmachine or Hordes. Gone are the days when everyone wields bows. Aeroth is a post apocalyptic magitech world so the Orcish Horde will need blackpowder weaponry, cannon and rockets whilst the Elves are going to be even more high tech with Power Lances and a plethora of interesting equipment!

Thunderhammer Battletank

I suspect that this has stemmed from my obsession with the Dwarves as their steampunk army design, reliant on tanks, artillery and wargolems really made them stand out against the other races. With this in mind, I've been tweaking both background and rules to fit my needs.

There will be plenty of opportunity to play skirmishes where sword and axe are still vital gear but I want to move larger scale engagements into a more industrial era.

Therefore, I've gone back to re-examine Leviathan and have found that with a bit of tweaking, alterations and bodging, I have the basics of a decent system that should be able to cover anything from a platoon to company level game in approximately 15mm scale.

Orcish Wartower

At present, I'm looking at the armylists to see what alterations I need to do to get the sort of units that I want. For example, at present, an Orc force needs to have a minimum of one Orc infantry squad and two Goblin infantry squads as well as one Orc character. With aforementioned tweaking, I've developed a platoon structure that requires two units of Orc infantry and an Orc character to lead them but gives options to reinforce it, in part inspired by the old Epic 40k game.

Each army will have access to several different platoons, independent formations and characters that will be in keeping with the setting that I'm developing. I'm also looking at the stats of the assorted units as Orcs currently seem a bit feeble in close combat as they are outmatched both in Offensive Combat, Power and Toughness by the Dwarves. Part of the issue is that I need to up the size of Orc units to compensate but I have found the process rather enlightening and entertaining!

I plan on carrying out several rounds of playtesting to see how the rules work as is, what needs working on and so on before reworking things and playtesting again. I suspect that it's going to take at least six months before I'm totally happy with the rules and that the completed set will differ quite a bit from how they look now but that's part of the fun.

At the same time, I'll be trying to tie down the setting and draw up some more concept art and write down lots of background for the assorted forces.

Needless to say, I suspect that I'm going to have a very busy time of things but it will mean that I will be posting all manner of random stuff here.

Anyhoo, enough of my ramblings for today! I hope to add another entry tomorrow with further development gubbins.

All the best!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Developing Aeroth


Long time no post!

Well I've moved house and finally got internet access again which is rather a relief as all this time with no hobby has been rather stressful. Still I have spent quite a considerable time perusing my battered copy of Leviathan and really looking at the sort of setting I want the world of Aeroth to be and have come to several conclusions.

First up, the setting itself needs a fairly major shake up. I have moved away from the rather traditional fantasy setting into something a bit more science-fantasy / steampunk /dieselpunk / post apocalyptic mash. Similarly the rules I have been developing are morphing into something of a mish mash of company level combined arms with a heavy dose of big stompy monsters and steampowered tech!

I've also realised that I need to develop several different sets of rules or at least make use of several sets of pre-existing rules to cover the scope of the world of Aeroth as it develops. For example small skirmishes featuring the Boar Company need a different ruleset than a meeting engagement between an Orcish warband and Elven host. At the same time, I want to feature fabulous flying machines battling aerial monsters and even massive battles!

Understandably, one ruleset to rule them all just isn't going to do the job so I've been ransacking my rulebook collection for an assortment of types of game and hope to post some regular battle reports featuring a good half dozen different systems and mods of my own design.

Sadly at present my gaming table is buried under a mountain of books and boxes but I hope to start regular updates of playtests, setting ponderings and hopefully some painted miniatures too!

In the meantime, All the best!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Stirrings From Aeroth

It had been over a year since the Boar Company had last seen action when Grimli led his stalwart troops against their longtime foe, Marik Goldhelm.

Once again, Marik had slipped through their fingers and the very thought made Grimli bristle with anger. They had lost several stalwart companions on that fateful day both to the toxic surroundings of the North Woods and at the hands of the rogue sorcerers black powers.

The North Woods can be deadly

Since then, things had been quiet with the Boar Company carrying their dead and wounded back to the great frontier fortress of Dur Zamor before once again venturing out into the frontier country in search of Marik.

True to form, Marik had vanished without a trace and rumour has been circulating that he met a sticky end some months back at the hands of a Horned Folk warband. Grimli grunted sourly at the thought. There was no way that the cursed rogue had died so easily. The Boar Company had sworn a mighty oath over the graves of their fallen kin that they would not stop until Marik was brought low by fine Dwarven steel.

Unfortunately, the Orcish brutes who had survived the massacre of Krull's winter encampment were on the warpath again and the Boar Company had been forced to suspend their search for Marik to carry out their duty to their lords and defend the frontier from all foes.

The Orcs continue to be a problem but the Dwarves have erected several frontier forts, overlooking the Endless Plains and from these fortifications, bands of warriors have time and time again harried the Orcish forces and rained down fire from their mighty gun batteries.

With reinforcements, the Boar Company are once again setting out into the wilderness in search of their foe and this time, there will be a reckoning.

Well! I can't believe it's been over six months since I posted here! I've been so busy with other projects that the adventures of the stoic Dwarves somewhere on the border have been overlooked. I plan on remedying this as soon as possible but I am moving house at present so being able to do anything hobby related is proving to be quite a challenge!

Lightning strike on the Endless Plains as seen from the Old Road

Still, I have got several sculpts (including something very big) ready for paint and just need to get some time to sit down and get them painted before carrying on the saga of The Boar Company.

Hopefully I'll get chance to play out a game or two with Marik meeting some sort of justice but I suspect the sneaky toerag will escape to bedevil the frontier in the future. I am also hoping to introduce my fresh take on some of the denizens of the frontier, namely the Orcs, or Gorathians as they are becoming known.

I am also developing some ideas for the inhabitants of Pinecliff, the nearest Human settlement to the goings on on the border so watch this space!

In the meantime, All the best!